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Svenska som Modersmål UtomLands (SMUL) is another way of saying ”Swedish as a Mothertongue Abroad”. This is an interest group for parents of Swedish heritage, who want to help their kids use and develop their skills in Swedish. In contrast to what many assume, it is difficult to learn languages, especially when you represent a minority in a foreign country. Here you find inspiration and advice about how to help your child understand, speak, read, write and joke in Swedish!

SMUL has a blog, Swedish Abroad, which has been created as a forum for articles about bilingualism. Magasinet SMUL is a member e-magazine; five volumes have been produced since the launch on May 1, 2014. New research, practical advice and personal stories weave a net of support for parents who want to educate themselves and get inspired to pursue the quest of teaching their children the Swedish language.

On April 21, 2014, SMUL launched their first initiative in English – ”Swedish, Twitter & Teens. The project has been created to raise awareness of Swedish as a language among teens with a Swedish background in North America. See our blog post about the project.

The group was started on February 15, 2012. Currently, it has close to 7,000 followers, worldwide. Discussions take place on Facebook in the closed group ”Svenska som modersmål utomlands”. Anyone who is interested in bilingualism and can speak Swedish is invited to participate.

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Lena Normén-Younger
Vancouver,  May 11, 2016
Mom, Swedish Expat, & Language Lover

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